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.KTW Office Buildings

.KTW is a new kind of space combining office, retail and public functions. Everyone will find a place in these office buildings with their exceptional design and functional technical solutions, developed with users’ comfort and environmental protection in mind.

Located next to the legendary ‘Spodek’ Arena in the neighborhood of the Culture Zone, the investment will consist of two high-rise buildings connected by an underground garage. Most of the building space is intended for office purposes, to be complemented by the retail and service space with such amenities as a canteen, a bank branch, financial services, a medical center, a café, etc. The project is to be implemented in phases - the buildings are not to be erected simultaneously but in two stages with a time delay in between. This is to ensure the possibility of effective commercialization and to create the prospect of a flexible development for potential tenants.
Works related with the .KTW complex, the flagship commercial project of TDJ Estate, started at the beginning of June 2016. On the site of the former DOKP building, a modern block will be erected, compliant with all the requirements of top-class office buildings. Due to its unique character, this modernistic building designed by the Medusa Group Studio may become one of the most interesting business destinations outside Warsaw.

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An area of over 0.7 hectares intended for construction of the office buildings was acquired by TDJ Estate for 29 million PLN. In December 2015, the investor obtained the relevant construction permit.  The decision was made by the City Hall of Katowice on November 23rd 2015 and, in the absence of appeals by authorized institutions, the decision became final and executive. 

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