TDJ Estate

Established in 2011, TDJ Estate is one of the pillars of the TDJ. Since 2013, the company has been active in the real estate development sector. It specializes in the implementation of residential real estate, office, and land developing projects. The investor’s portfolio includes building facilities and lots located, among others, in Katowice, Zbrosławice and Zabrze. 

The Osiedle Franciszkańskie (Franciszkanskie Housing Estate) is the company's first investment in the residential construction sector. Still under construction in Katowice Ligota, it will contain 1,300 apartments. The developer is also building a new housing estate in the center of Katowice, near the city's Culture Zone. This prestigious location has the potential to become one of the most interesting housing proposals in the Upper Silesia region. Furthermore, the company has begun work on a residential district of detached houses in Zabrze, and is preparing land for investments and the erection of residential complexes of detached and semi-detached houses in Wieszowa. TDJ Estate has also been developing commercial projects. Most notably, we are working on the construction of a modern office building, which will be erected the lot previously occupied by the DOKP (Regional Directorate of Polish Railways) tower building in the centre of Katowice. The architectural design is being carried out in collaboration with the Medusa Group design studio in Bytom.

The company aims to diversify its real estate portfolio. It has been analyzing existing and planned office, commercial and residential projects being carried out in Upper Silesia, as well as in Krakow and Wroclaw, without ruling out the purchase of new properties.  The professional management team of experienced specialists is responsible for the implementation of investment processes. Through our openness to large, profitable investments requiring an individual approach, TDJ Estate remains focused on dynamic development and strengthening its position in the real estate market. 

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