TDJ Estate

TDJ Estate was founded in 2011. The company was established to expand TDJ SA's investment activities into the real estate sector. The company was able to expand into this market thanks to its team of specialists and property consolidation. The timeline below shows a detailed history of TDJ Estate's operations and development.


  • Feasibility study into residential and service development in the district of Zbrosławice, Silesian voivodeship.
  • Recommercialization of logistic parks in Wroclaw and Tychy; sale of a part of the Tychy land.


  • Analysis of the real estate market in the commercial sector, looking into acquisition.
  • Over a dozen commercial property sales, totaling several tens of millions of zlotys.
  • Due Diligence carried out on a number of companies with the aim of acquiring new investment areas.
  • Recommercialization of the office building at Reymonta street in Katowice.
  • Acquisition of 12 ha of property in Zabrze for our first land development project.
  • Preparation of the construction concept for the Osiedle Franciszkańskie in Ligota, Katowice.


  • Acquisition of the former DOKP (Regional Directorate of Polish Railways) tower building on Roździeńskiego avenue, Katowice.
  • Land development project implementation in Zabrze – subdivision into 150 building plots.
  • Amendments to the planning of 11 ha of investment land in Wroclaw.
  • Osiedle Franciszkańskie – obtaining the construction permit for residential buildings and a commercial facility, and conclusion of the contract with Jerónimo Martins.
  • Commencing, in partnership with Fly Development, the project to rebuild the historic Manor House in Zabrze.
  • Commencing the joint venture with Fly Development to construct multi-family houses in Mikulczyce, Zabrze.
  • Sale of post-production and commercial properties in towns in southern Poland.


  • Commencing construction on the Osiedle Franciszkańskie in Katowice, finalizing a project for a commercial facility in the investment area and beginning sales of apartments and commercial premises.
  • Preparing to build two more multi-family houses in Mikulczyce, Zabrze.
  • Further work on the land development project in Zabrze – construction of infrastructure facilities for 150 building lots. 
  • Conclusion of the architectural contest for a new office complex to be erected on the plot previously occupied by the former DOKP tower.
  • Property portfolio restructuring - sales of logistic parks in Tychy and Wroclaw.


  • Completion of stage I of the Osiedle Franciszkańskie implementation and commencing the stage II of the project (initiating construction of two further buildings with a new offer of apartments available).
  • Acquisition of the land at Piotrowicka and Książęca Street, adjacent to the Osiedle Franciszkańskie ground.
  • Acquisition of the property of 5 ha approx. at Góreckiego street in Katowice, close to the Culture Zone. 
  • Commencing the construction of detached houses in Zabrze. 
  • Commencing implementation of further land developing in Tarnowskie Góry district in the municipality of Zbrosławice – the Wieszowa Housing Estate. 
  • Conclusion of a long-term lease contract for the office building at Reymonta street in Katowice. 
  • Obtaining final construction permit for the office complex at  Roździeńskiego 1 avenue and launching the tendering process to select the general contractor. 


  • Completion of stage II of the Osiedle Franciszkańskie implementation and commencing the stage III of the project (initiating construction of six further buildings with a new offer of apartments available).
  • Official presentation and start construction of office complex .KTW.
  • Further development of the  land development project in Wieszowie- construction of infrastructure for 57 plots.
  • Obtaining a zoning permission for the first stage of the housing estate at  Gorecki street.


  • Increasing company property resources - acquisition Kopex Group by TDJ SA.
  • .KTW cornerstone.
  • Construction of the first houses in Wieszowa Housing Estate.
  • Topping off the .KTW I building.

  • Commencing the stage IV of the Osiedle Franciszkańskie.
  • Purchase investment area on Witosa district. 
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