Decade is just the begining

The history of TDJ Estate began in 2011, when, as part of the family investment company TDJ, we felt that it was a good time to diversify our activities. The real estate sector has always been a challenge for us. We set the bar high from the very beginning. Our ambition was, and still is, to create spaces in which we would like to live, and work ourselves.

In 2014, we started the construction of our first multi-family estate in Katowice’s Ligota district. Today it is one of the most frequently chosen projects, both by investors and individual clients.

In 2015, we undertook a bold transformation in the very center of Katowice, in the immediate vicinity of Spodek and the Culture Zone. First, we carried out the demolition of the DOKP building. Then, in the place of the characteristic building, we built a modern .KTW complex. One of its towers is the tallest office building in the Metropolis GZM.

Currently, our portfolio includes residential and commercial projects as well as those related to land development.


10/03/2011 – estabilishment of TDJ Estate

This is where the official history of TDJ Estate begins. Before it happened… it was like every investment we made. Ideas, analyzes, discussions, thinking about the future and ambition to create a unique company based on values. Even before the start, we hung the bar high, but in such a way that we could reach it. In order to rank it higher as the company grows.
The creation of TDJ Estate starts with Maciej and Stanisław.




Purchase of land for the land developing project

We make the first purchase of land in Zabrze with land development projects in mind. In the future, those who seek peace and ubiquitous greenery, will find arefuge here. The concept of the first multi-family housing project – Osiedle Franciszkańskie (the Franciszkańskie Housing Estate), is born in our minds.



Commencement of development activities

We are getting started for good – we are starting an active development activity. The TDJ Estate team is supported by Bartłomiej and we start designing our first residential project – Osiedle Franciszkańskie.



Commencement of the construction of the Osiedle Franciszkańskie

We drive in the first shovel! Our plans are materializing. The construction of our premiere multi-family project – Osiedle Franciszkańskie in Ligota, Katowice, is underway. The construction works will be divided into several stages, and after their completion, we will put into use 1,300 new apartments. All this would not have happened without the participation of Agnieszka and Adam, who joined the sales team.



Purchase of a plot of land in the city center with the DOKP building

Our ambition is to have a real impact on the process of modernization of the space that surrounds us and in which we operate on a daily basis. We could start implementing our mission by purchasing land with the former DOKP office building in Katowice, in the immediate vicinity of Spodek Venue. The project of the .KTW office complex was born in our heads, which is part of the process of transformation of Katowice’s downtown space. However, we do not stop there. We intend to revitalize the area of ​​the former KWK Katowice (Katowice Coal Mine), near the Culture Zone – it will be teeming with life, in harmony with the city’s rhythm and nature. Our team is strengthened by Kamil and Anna.



Commencement of construction of .KTW I

We aim high! On the site of the demolished DOKP office building, in June, the construction of the first tower of the .KTW complex, which came out of the line of the Medusa Group design studio, starts. A new quality of space will be created here, combining office, retail and public functions. The modesty of form and the courage of the scale that characterizes the architecture of the building will fit into the context of the city, without overshadowing the unquestionable symbol of Katowice, which is the legendary Spodek – its close neighbor. In the meantime, the construction of Osiedle Franciszkańskie is entering its third phase, and we are launching the first stage of a single-family housing project in the Zbrosławice commune. We create Osiedle Wieszowa (the Wieszowa Housing Estate) for people who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of a big city.

Three exceptional people – Marta, Katarzyna and Jakub – join our team.



Designing Bardowskiego 1

We keep on running. We are investing in land in the Witosa estate in Katowice, near Park Śląski, and we are starting design work on the intimate Bardowskiego 1 multi-family housing estate. A little over six months later, we are entering the fourth phase of the construction of Osiedle Franciszkańskie. The TDJ team grows by another 5 people – Szymon, Bartosz, Jarosław, Dariusz and Artur.



Opening of the .KTW I office building

3… 2… 1… we have it! On May 15, during the European Economic Congress, the first .KTW tower is officially opened and presented. The construction of the office building took less than two years. The first tenants will appear in the office building in June. We are also preparing to move – W. Roździeńskiego 1a avenue becomes the address of the TDJ headquarters, and .KTW becomes the showcase of our company. We have our place on the map of Katowice, which we are proud of. We do not rest on our laurels – we are starting the implementation of the largest – fifth stage of the Osiedle Franciszkańskie project and we are launching the construction of the Bardowskiego 1 housing project.

Our team, after Paweł, Martyna, Piotr, Urszula, Piotr, Karolina and Łukasz join us, already numbers over 20 people



Commencement of the construction of .KTW II

As you said ‘a’, you have to say ‘b’ – we are building a second tower! .KTW II will rise to a level that has not yet been achieved by any building in Katowice and the region: 133 meters. Construction works will be completed at the turn of the first and second quarter of 2022. We prove ourselves in a new role – for the first time we assume responsibility for the coordination of the entire project, excluding the general contractor in this regard. Nearby, in the vicinity of the Culture Zone, we are starting the construction of the prestigious Pierwsza Dzielnica (the First District) residential complex. We will breathe new life into the area of ​​the former mine. In just two years, the first residents will be able to enjoy the best of a big city lifestyle.

Large projects require new specialists – TDJ Estate is supported by Aleksandra, Paweł, Katarzyna, Sebastian, Paweł, Dominika, Agnieszka and Marcin.



Inauguration of the Franciszkańskie Południe project

In September, we are starting the construction of the last building under the Osiedle Franciszkańskie project, but this is not the end of our adventure with this investment. A month later, in the vicinity of Kalwaria Panewnicka, we are starting the construction of Franciszkańskie Południe (Franciszkanskie the South) housing estate. We are completing the construction of the Bardowskiego 1 housing estate and we are involved in our largest interdisciplinary project in the area of ​​the Zbrosławice commune so far. Due to the new challenges, we invite Łukasz, Sylwia, Michał, Justyna, Marcin, Agata and Kamil to the team.



10 years of TDJ Estate

We do not like to stand still. The .KTW II tower, the tallest building in Upper Silesia, has already reached its 133 meters, and we are reaching for more. We are driven by a passion for creating places where we would like to live and work ourselves. This year is intense for us – we are starting the second stages of our three residential projects: Zielona Doliana in Zabrze, Pierwsza Dzielnica in the center of Katowice and Franciszkańskie Południe in the Ligota district. At the end of the year, we initiate the construction of Dobrynów – a new residential investment in the western part of Katowice, and for the first time in TDJ Estate history, we are issuing bonds with a total value of PLN 115 million.

Our team joins Katarzyna and Karolina, Dominik, Krzysztof, Maciej, Bartłomiej, Katarzyna and Klaudia.


We are constantly developing. We are convinced that a decade is just the beginning of the implementation of our plans, projects and ambitions.


We have launched 11 projects in the field of residential, commercial and land development real estate sectors.


We are growing in strength – the number of our employees increased from 2 in 2011 to 44 in 2021.


We built and handed over for use 83 thousand square meters of living space.


We have built and handed over for use retail space with a total area of ​​72 thousand square meters.


Investments launched and completed by us will gain a total of 35 commercial premises.


So far, we have been involved in over 30 social activities for the local community.


We enriched the areas of our investments by over 50 thousand trees, shrubs and perennials.


We have designed and built a total of 1,574 apartments in 5 investments.


In the near future, we will launch projects with another 2,080 new apartments.


During 6 years of active development activity, we have sold over 1,666 apartments.


When designing our investments, we cooperate with 5 architectural studios.


We have developed a total of 54.47 ha of land for our projects.